So, you’re getting an average of five hits per day. And, you suspect that your mother was probably three of those. So, what’s the deal? Why is your website not feeling the love from more visitors? The answers may be quite simple in how your website is built, keywords and more. The lack of presence and material on your site can contribute to why your website is not getting visits. Unless there are other outlets to highlight your website, no one may even know they should care about your website.

In trying to understand why users may not know your website exists or be interested in what they see on your pages, let’s take a look at a few things you may be doing and look at ways that digital marketing agencies like ClickFirst Marketing can correct them.

First, do you love keywords?

Perhaps, you love keywords a bit too much. Well, guess who doesn’t like reading a string of keywords? Yes, that’s right. Real people love reading content written as if they are having a conversation with the writer. Trying to write your copy strictly for the search engines may be good to get your website ranked. But, what will happen when the visitors come? Can you say bounce? If there’s anything to remember, always write with the customers in mind first, and then the robots.

Are you missing in action?

We realize that as a small business, you may not have time for Facebook or time to create creative tweets. That’s fine. You don’t have to do all of the social media platforms out there, but its important to do something. If your audience is your local community, it’s imperative to attempt to active on social media of some kind, or employ the skills of a company like ClickFirst Marketing.

Is Blogging Not for You?

If you are actively blogging, then maybe your audience is not hearing from you enough. Companies that blog at least four to eight times a month experience more site visits than blogs that publish twice a month. For those of you who are affixed on the robots, blog posts are a way to increase the number of indexed pages on your site.  Stats show that when a website exceeds 300 indexed pages, traffic is increased by 236%. 

Does Your Website Look Trustworthy?

In the real world, visiting your website can be perceived as accepting candy from a stranger in an eight passenger van. With no seats. Don’t be surprised. None of the website surfers are going to accept your candy. ClickFirst Marketing can help your website build trust through marketing and customer testimonials.

Did You Take the Cheap Way Out?

So you managed to save some money. That’s great! How much money did you save? Did it save you more money than you lost by not having your website covert your site into paying customers? Experienced digital marketing agencies like ClickFirst Marketing build websites that are easy to navigate, with a crisp and stylish appeal.

So, the bottom line is that if you want visitors to know about your site, you need to have a professional-looking website that has elements proving your trustworthiness. Also, using social media along with frequent blogging will help bolster your website’s performance. Together with ClickFirst Marketing, more visitors will learn of, trust and become customers. Are your ready to start the discussion? Let’s chat!