What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing and why does is matter? Traditional marketing is less effective than ever. Companies are learning that there are much more cost effective and measurable ways to reach their ideal customer.

Content Marketing is communicating with your customers and prospects without directly selling to them. It doesn’t interrupt or bother your potential consumer. These aren’t ads that bombard the wrong people; you are delivering and creating content that finds your buyers and makes them more knowledgeable of the products or services they are searching for, and you’re offering.

Customers are now deaf to the traditional (old) world of marketing – technology has afforded us this luxury. We can scan through commercials and click ‘close’ on things we don’t want to see.

The crux of Content Marketing is to find and retain your customers by consistently creating relevant and important content. It’s getting your message in front of the RIGHT customer – which creates better conversion rates; and more ROI.

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