Customer Leaving a Positive Online Review

The internet has helped businesses develop loyal followings, increase revenues and improve customer service. Google and other search engines have made it so that consumers can locate the products and services they’re looking for within just seconds. Additionally, businesses can now be reviewed online and you’ve probably noticed that these reviews frequently appear in search results.  Reviews on the internet are now a very large factor in buying decisions since they not only show whether or not your business can be trusted, but also whether or not your business is liked and responsive to customer complaints.

Three Reasons Why Positive Online Reviews are Important to Your Business

Positive reviews have a number of benefits when it comes to your business and are substantially better than negative reviews, which can damage your reputation and scare away new potential customers. Positive reviews can be achieved through great services and relationship management and can drastically boost your profits. This article will provide you three reasons why positive reviews are important for your business.

Online Reviews Build Trust

One of the biggest factors that help create sales and conversions online is trust. You cannot actually see the buyer or the product when you are purchasing goods online and trust becomes the bridge to getting more customers to buy from you. Usually, the aggravating factor to building trust is branding but positive reviews also come into play. If a potential customer comes across your services they are going to want to see and hear the experiences of other customers. When they see a positive review they are going to immediately trust your company a lot more than one with no reviews or, even worse, bad reviews. Positive reviews give them faith that you will fulfill your promises and give them a quality experience. They may even leave a review themselves if you over deliver.

Brilliant for Local SEO

A lot of business do not believe they need search engine optimization and often disregard it as too difficult or a waste of time. Both of these reasons are wrong and SEO is something that all businesses need if they are looking to develop their online presence. For local businesses, local SEO is imperative to developing a customer base and for closing sales. Positive reviews are taken into consideration as ranking factors and the better the reviews the most authority you get as a reputable online company. As well as positive reviews, other ranking factors such as on-page SEO and backlinking are needed to boost your website further. Despite this, positive reviews are still very important.

Can Be Used as Testimonials in Marketing

If you are branching out in various methods of marketing, such as social media marketing and maybe PPC, you are going to want positive reviews to share with your audience. Social proof is very powerful on the internet and relates to the above point of trust. If you are showing potential buyers that you can provide them with a quality service using an example of a previous customer, you are more likely to get conversions. If someone else has received a good service then that customer must as well. Even if you are not using other marketing methods, positive reviews still provide an excellent example of social proof that buyers can rely on when they are making a purchase decision.

Positive reviews are very important for businesses, especially if they are looking to expand their services online. Positive reviews are a way to develop and build trust in the online community and this can lead to more sales and quicker purchase decisions. As well as conversions, positive reviews are a way to help you rank in search engines and are often taken into consideration when Google is deciding your place in the SERPs. If you are using other online marketing methods, try including a testimonial in the form of a review. This will tell your audience that you have social proof and happy, previous/existing customers.

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