People remember a company by its logo.

Think of a large brand like FedEx, Coca-Cola or Target and you’ll usually think of that brand’s logo instead of the actual brand name.  This simple truth really explains the purpose of creating a solid and strong logo for any business; your logo is an opportunity to make an impression on consumers’ subconscious minds, to be memorable and even unforgettable.

Sometimes companies realize that there may come a time to overhaul their branding. When that time comes, it’s important to remember some key practices to help your company continue to flourish without confusing or losing clients.

Logo designs and features can be prominent in your life as more clients begin to recognize your company with one design element. With that said, it is imperative to seek creating a new logo as a process to arrive at a particular figure, colors and texture that will reflect the meaning and reputation of your website and company.

Learning from others is often a great thing. Learning how they arrived upon their design decisions and what inspired them is a great first step. To gather inspiration for your own research for a new logo, an online search of companies in your field of business is a great start. But, don’t stop there. Just because a company is not in the same line of business, doesn’t mean their story and inspirations won’t coincide with yours.

Once you have defined your story and the intent of your company’s goals, the next step is to get to know your audience. Exactly, who are your selling to. This is important because you want your colors and logo to appear professional to B2B or B2C customers. Regardless if your customers are other businesses or the consumer, it should remain simple, easy to understand and be relevant in some fashion to your business or marketing theme.

It’s great to get inspiration from other companies’ logos, however originality will separate your website and company, so resist the urge to imitate. Immersing yourself in the new brand and logo is the best way to get yourself, company and clients to quickly understand the new direction your company is taking. Once you start the process and have arrived at a new brand logo, dive in.

At ClickFirst Marketing, we have designers that can help you with the creation of a new logo design for your site that can be translated to your company. We can walk you through the steps listed, plus many more to help you arrive at a new brand logo you and your company’s marketing team will be extremely proud of for years to come.

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