For most potential customers, when making a purchase, they rely on the reviews and testimonials of previous buyers. To win the business of those new visitors to your site, one of the most important things you can do is to let your customers tell your story.

Testimonials from previously satisfied customers brings credibility and the opportunity to prove claims about your products and services. Yet, there are some important common practices that should be followed to make the use of testimonials work for you.

Using fake testimonials can ruin your company’s credibility.

Using fake testimonials to promote their company’s image or products is the biggest mistake for any company. It’s always better to not have any testimonials than to use a fake one. If found out, then you may as well place the word ‘Fake’ next to your company logo.

Get to know your customers

Adding testimonials to your website or online various online profiles is incredibly helpful because it lets your customers tell your story. If you offer a service that can be used by large companies, small businesses or individuals, then you will need to have customer stories from each to allow prospects to connect with similar client’s of yours. This is important. Potential customers identify with testimonials from companies and individuals of their identical sizes. So, making a distinction between the large companies and the average Joe customer is extremely necessary.

Bring your testimonials to life

In this new age of web presence, using video or audio adds a lot of flare to your testimonials. Yes, reading the words of a happy customer is important. However, being able to hear the convincing stories through audio and video, will help you leverage the use of YouTube. Bringing your testimonials to life with YouTube and other social media platforms is extremely beneficial for your business.

Location Matters

Visitors enter your website from various links and land on many different pages other than your homepage. With this idea in mind, it’s best to be conscientious of where you place the testimonials. Most website owners are inclined to place the testimonies on a separate page in the site. But often those may go unseen. So, to get better use, it’s best to sprinkle your testimonials throughout your website. This method is especially important when you place relevant testimonials next to products or services on your site.

ClickFirst Marketing is happy to help you convert new prospects and shoppers on your website. As you let your customers tell your story, ClickFirst Marketing will help you decide where to strategically place testimonials and grow your customer base.