A vehicle is a complex machine with lots of moving parts. To keep it functioning properly, it’s important not to neglect it and follow the recommended maintenance schedule. If the engine oil is not changed until much later than scheduled, the car would not function properly and ultimately, not run at all. This same principle applies to websites, both commercial and personal. A digital MRO plan is imperative to maintain a site’s relevance in today’s marketplace.

MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

Often, many companies will pay thousands of dollars to have their websites completely remade or overhauled. This is a good thing if the site is out of date. However, many companies fail to create a plan to periodically make maintenance adjustments or repairs. The site becomes tremendously outdated again, which leads to another overhaul.

So, after having a site overhauled, the next step is to create a maintenance and repair schedule, just like the schedule inside the manual for a car or other complex machinery. For most companies, the website is one of the company’s main vehicles for reaching visitors and turning them into customers. When a company’s products evolve and their website is not up to date, the potential for profit-loss is great.

The schedule does not have to be one that is overly complex. For maintenance, employees in charge of the site can keep a log of minor issues. And, during a monthly check-in with the designer, those issues can be addressed. As for repairs, those have an immediate need. For instance, if a company has created a new campaign landing page and the elements of the page are not leading visitors to the desired end result, then calling the designer for a repair is imperative. By creating a schedule of maintenance and repairs, a company’s website will be fully functional as it grows each year.

At ClickFirst Marketing, we will not just build you a site and simply walk away. It’s a smart idea for us to show you how to implement a plan to protect the investment on an overhauled site. We are available to be there with you to guide you through the maintenance and repair process,  so you can avoid another expensive overhaul.

At ClickFirst Marketing, thinking evolution instead of revolution provides your company with a more stable and adaptable site. Your digital MRO will be prioritized and aligned to work based on the evolution of your company’s products and services, as well as feedback from visitors and analytics.

If your company would like to experience improved customer experience, content that is never out of date, reduced costs and increased investment returns, then let our team at ClickFirst Marketing be your next call. Our goal is to help your company achieve the best profits possible through online marketing.