Almost anyone can post to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, but how do you create content that effectively advertises your product, service or brand?

A Woman Creating Content for Social Media

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Improve Your Social Media Content:

Here are the basics:

  • A lot of people miss the basics like proper spelling and grammar, so start there.  Proofread and proofread again before you post!
  • Before creating and posting content, consider your services/products and also your audience. Let’s say your business is a local pizza shop – your followers probably don’t care about lawn care tips. They probably do care about your weekly specials, new menu items, events, etc.
  • Use high quality images! Blurry and pixelated photos that don’t have a clear purpose are useless and mostly annoying to your followers.
  • Social media can be a great channel for you to create a personality for your business or brand. Develop a brand personality that’s appropriate for your business and market. Some brands use humor, personification, etc. Other brands use their social media to educate.
  • Post when you have content that’s unique and useful. SPAM-like posts won’t do you any good as people will unfollow you.
  • When it makes sense, use Calls to Action to invoke users to take action on your posts. Avoid being too overbearing with sales pitches, though. “Buy our stuff” posts tend to turn off users if you over saturate.
  • Measure your success and adjust your content accordingly.  If you posted a walkthrough video of how your customers can use your product that received almost no interaction, but later that week you posted a special offer that received a lot of interaction, then test the waters with more special offer posts.

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