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n more than 10 years of managing Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords), we’ve only seen a handful of client accounts that were properly optimized at the time we initially reviewed their accounts.

Many people we work with find it hard to believe that their Google Ads accounts aren’t set-up correctly because Google configured these accounts for them. Unfortunately, Google reps don’t always have your business’ best interest in mind when configuring a new account. We frequently see the following account configuration errors:

  • incorrect keywords used
  • conversion tracking not implemented
  • incorrect match types (e.g., all keywords set to broad match type with improper negative keyword list maintenance)
  • incorrect bidding strategy selected
  • ads using improper destinations (all ads pointing to a website’s home page)

What if an agency or digital marketer configured your account? You should be okay, right? Not necessarily.

Many agencies “optimize” Google Ads campaigns to produce clicks and traffic, but what if that traffic doesn’t convert to leads or sales? When Google Ads is configured properly, there is tracking in place to show:

  • total spend per month
  • leads produced via website and phone calls
  • whenever possible revenue produced from leads is also accounted for

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  • We ask for your account number so that we can send a request to you to access your account for the review. We cannot access your account without your approval.

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