So you have spent time and money to hire a web design company, like ClickFirst Marketing, to create an attractive and stylish website. SEO and analytical tools are in place and the Pay Per Click ads have been purchased. What else could be missing? Good copywriting enhances a company’s website design.

Most designers are focused on the aesthetics. They believe attractive websites are fundamentally better and will help a company have more visitors to its website and ultimately increase profits. Mockups are drawn and placeholders of filler texts are put in place until a design is completed and approved.

Finally, as deadlines approach, the text for page topics are written. Often, there is just enough copy to fulfill the SEO requirements and the space allotted by the design elements. These attractive designs are consumed with subpar or completely incorrect copy. Mistakes can appear on multiple pages.

Here’s the problem. Neglecting the importance of great copy, or even good and adequate copy, causes the finished site to suffer. Unless companies are appealing to individuals who are concerned about design, no one will really care. The site visitors won’t care about the fancy hovers and rotating banners. What they will mostly care about from the design aspect is that they can navigate the site with ease.

Consider this quote by designer Jeff Zeldman in 2008, “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

So here’s why good copywriting enhances a company’s website design.

After navigation, what most visitors want is well-written copy that speaks to them in a manner they can understand. Most readers want to be able to understand what they are reading without feeling the text is over their heads. Readers don’t want to feel like they need to be an Einstein to understand. Yes, occasionally, they may need a dictionary to clarify details. However, readers want to feel as if the subject is clearly explained for them.

Regardless, whether they want to find directions, cooking recipes, historical facts or details about the political candidates, readers seek clarity. In reality, all they really care about in the design is that it doesn’t get in the way of the information they are reading. They want the design to help them find the copy. Sometimes the rotating banners, colors and obscure type sizes can cause readers to become confused.

To remedy this problem, web designs need to be made with goals and written copy in hand as often as possible. With completed copy, designers can truly place elements where they belong on the page. On pages where design and well-written copy work hand in hand, visitors are more inclined to return and even become repeat customers.

ClickFirst Marketing can build a complete website for your company with thorough research and the latest in attractive designs. Our designs complement well-written copy that your visitors will enjoy and become converted into customers for you. Lets talk!