As a business owner with a website, planning a special event or campaign can be critical to your profit. Creating great landing pages that yield high customer conversions is what every owner wants. First, it’s important understand what landing pages are. A landing page is where a visitor arrives on your site after clicking an ad or a link in an email or from another site that leads to your page. Landing pages that speak directly to the topic of the event or offers that caused a visitor to click are essential.

So, what makes a great landing page and how does it get good conversion rates? Here are some steps to take if you are attempting to create your one yourself. Otherwise, ClickFirst Marketing can easily go through the following steps, and more, to build an awesome page for a company’s campaign.

Know Your Goal: Understanding the reasons why you are trying to get your audience to visit a page is a great place to start. Is it to make a purchase, download a coupon, complete a form or sign up for a newsletter?

Who is the Competition? When you are competing in a market that has other businesses vying for the same customers, often there are many things to be learned from your competitors. So, first, identify them, understand what they are doing to succeed and see if you can benefit by copying some of their methods. Often, developing any type of project or campaign can be easier if you don’t have to reinvent the entire wheel.

Know Your Audience: Decide what types of clients you are trying to attract. Often, connecting with them through other methods prior to the campaign may help you understand their desires, dreams and hopes. The more you learn about your audience, the better you can focus your campaign.

Establish a Clear Path to Your Landing Page: After establishing your goal, learning from your competitors and getting to know your audience, the next critical part is creating a clear path to your page. Often, it may even mean changing the intended wording of an ad or link. As you will see, your visitors will arrive at your page from search engines like Google, Twitter, Facebook and other websites. It’s always best to begin with one landing page for each campaign and testing before creating new ones.

Short, Sweet, High-Quality Content: As the attention span of most internet readers gets smaller, it’s imperative to create quick interesting phrases and headlines that grab the readers’ attention. The words should make them want to click and read to see more. Once the visitors are on the landing page, a design that’s easy to navigate with engaging copy, eye-catching headlines and a clear call to action will help turn your visitors into purchasers. It is clear that when you make the page about the visitors and their experience with your service or product, visitors will respond, especially if you present them with a terrific offer that makes them feel it benefits them the most.

ClickFirst Marketing is happy to take you through these steps and present you with high quality landing pages for your campaigns. You will find that these pages will help your customers gain a better understand of your product and help you accomplish your goal of a successful campaign or event.