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Arthritis & Wellness Institute – A Web Design Rebranding Case Study

The Arthritis Research Institute of America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing osteoarthritis research in pursuit of methods of prevention and treatment. They have had more than twenty scientific papers that have been published by peer-reviewed journals and have had over 3,700 volunteer participants take part in their osteoarthritis study.

Founded in 1988, the Arthritis Research Institute of America’s primary focus was on research but has shifted towards empowering those with arthritis to eat, move, and relax. These simple steps assist those with arthritis by coping and helping them continue their everyday functions.

The Problem


The Arthritis Research Institute of America (ARIA) had several challenges when they approached ClickFirst Marketing to discuss a large scale rebrand. They had two separate websites with two different messages and goals. Their previous focus was arthritis research, but they were moving away from that focus, and branching into high blood pressure. They had implemented functional fitness classes, and wanted to expand their reach into nutrition education as well as meditation. Their new challenge was to communicate the new direction to their customers, and bring all of their messaging into one focused location.

The Solution

The process began with our team analyzing ARIA’s business strategy, industry, competitors, and customers. We had several discussions with their team, conducted research, performed customer interviews and drilled down to the core of how people saw them now and how they wanted to see them moving forward.

As a part of that change ARIA was renamed to the Arthritis and Wellness Institute. The name honored their past research and achievements in the area of arthritis research, and introduced them into the field of overall wellness. With that, we created a new logo, tagline, and marketing materials that effectively conveyed their new brand image and mission.

AWI Arthritis & Wellness Institute Logo


The team at ClickFirst Marketing took the time to really understand our organization, our target audience, and how we wanted to move our non-profit forward before making suggestions on how to alter and update our brand.  Their innovation and creativity resulted in a successful rebranding effort for the Arthritis & Wellness Institute; we now have a logo and marketing collateral that not only more accurately represent who we are, but also that we are proud to call ours.

Traci P.
Executive Director

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