Instead of just earning clicks to a company’s website the organic way with Search Engine Optimization, owners can also use Pay-Per-Click marketing to buy advertising space on search engines to market their businesses.

Paid advertising is a valuable marketing technique for connecting local businesses with potential customers through the use of quality and relevant keywords. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and others allow for location-based targeting, but Google remains the market leader, due to its versatility in reaching users with specific shopping intents and past browsing behavior. Google and Bing’s advertising features enable prospects to take action and become customers.

Advertisers are offered a unique means of putting their message in front of an audience who is actively and specifically seeking out their product by bidding on keywords. The search engines then pick the most sites with quality keywords pertaining to a visitor’s search and places it in an ad position at the top and bottom of the organic results. Because searchers reveal their intent through their search query, advertisers are able to measure the quality of traffic that results from search engine clicks.

PPC also enables search engines to cater to searchers and advertisers simultaneously, creating a winning atmosphere for all involved. The searchers create an audience, the advertisers provide revenue and the search engines gain profit while also allowing businesses to increase their exposure through quality and relevance. Ultimately, the searchers buy an advertiser’s product or service.

In order for a business to become successful at PPC, there must be continuous research done to tailor the words and long phrases that best describe the products and services being sold. Keyword research should include, not only the most popular and frequently searched terms in your niche, but also extend to the long tail phrases of search. Long-tail keywords are more specific and less common, but they add up to account for the majority of search-driven traffic. In addition, they are less competitive, and therefore less expensive. By constantly refining and expanding the campaigns, owners create an environment in which their keyword list is constantly growing and adapting.

A pay-per-click keyword strategy should have regular negative keyword discovery. Negative keywords prevent your ads from showing up for searches that are not relevant to your business and are unlikely to convert into a sale.

At ClickFirst Marketing, we understand the power of selecting the proper keywords for your PPC ads. We will work to have quality ads placed on relevant pages in front of consumers who are actually looking for what you are selling. Our continuous research will help your company flourish amongst the web marketing competition.

The Majority Of Marketing Campaigns Fail to Produce An ROI