Building an Audience for Your Business with Social Media

With the growth of social media and its various platforms, small businesses can now compete more effectively in the same arenas as some of the larger corporations. Although this may sound like great news, it does come with some degree of difficulty, if you want to be effective and reach your goals.

The first thing you should do when deciding to use social media is to determine the audience for your particular business. Then, start using the social media to be active in the all the places your audience already uses. For many businesses, that means starting out by setting up an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Once the accounts are created, they can then be linked to your business website or email newsletter.

Next, you will need to engage your audience. You can do this by posting videos, photos or just interesting thoughts that pertain to your business and products. Each post should be written to attract a reader to engage with your post. The important thing to remember is that each time your audience engages with your post, that increases your company’s social visibility.

Audience engagement depends solely on the content you share. At first, it may be a few photos of your office and location, but you also need to offer more thoughtful and in-depth posts. Publishing thoughtful pieces that help teach the audience how they can use your products and services in their lives will portray your business as knowledgeable and create a trust for you as an authority on certain topics.

Your currency in social media is your content. On the majority of your social posts, should be some kind of Call to Action to get your social audience to visit your website. After all, you are a business and your goal is to sell a product or service. Offering a discount, free gift, or email signup may be options.

Yes, this process sounds simple, but can become extremely complicated. ClickFirst Marketing can build your social media audience for you, while eliminating the confusion. They will analyze and find the correct audience for your business, learn which platforms of social media that audience uses and then create posts to attract the audience’s engagement.

If you want to build an audience of people who are loyal, vocal and totally engaged with your business, let ClickFirst Marketing lead you on the path to success.