Looking for some methods to improve your email marketing campaign strategy? Email campaigns, when done right, increase revenue, assist with client retention and strengthen your brand so it’s important to use effective email marketing techniques.

Read on to find out some powerful email marketing techniques for your business to try.

1. Perfect Your Subject Lines

Your subject lines are the first thing your leads will see. Research has shown that subject lines with 60 to 70 characters should be avoided.

Surprisingly, subject lines with less than 10 characters showed an open rate of a whopping 58%!

In order to perfect the subject lines of your email marketing campaigns, you should experiment with various lengths and styles. Ideally, try some split-testing to see which lines work best, and track data over the course of many months to compare.

Moreover, remember that trends shift and if your method is copied too much, it might start losing its marketing momentum.

What if I told you email is still very important?

2. Personalize Without Using Names

According to recent data, you can actually make an email too personalized. Using your lead’s first name in the headline or in the initial greeting might repel them instead of endearing them!  This is a great example of how trends change over time!  For many years it was considered best practice to include the reader’s first name if oyu wanted to increase readability.

Unfortunately, “Dear [insert name here]” emails are now associated with phishing and credit card fraud scams, so how can you personalize your marketing emails?

You can still leverage the power of personalization to get your customers’ attention. Use personal information like the individual’s birthdate to send a birthday greeting and gift via email. Or, if possible, use the recipient’s gender or location to deliver content about products and services that are relevant to him or her.

3. Plan Giveaways

One of the most proven email marketing techniques, giveaways are a great way to get more people interacting with your emails. By simply giving away freebies, you will endear your prospects and boost your click-through rates like never before.

Everybody gets an email meme

However, depending on your industry, giveaways might be tricky to pull off. Common giveaways include coupons for sales and exclusive access to content, products or services.

4. Timing is Everything

If you are having inconsistent results across different email blasts, check dates and times. Studies have shown that the best open and clickthrough rates happen between 8 pm to midnight.

Emails sent during weekends seem to be opened more than those sent during the week. Obviously, the majority of people use their email accounts for business during normal office hours. Emails sent during business hours that are not work-related are probably discarded without hesitation.

However, every industry is different so you need to test the timing of your own campaigns with your particular customer base before assuming that the most common statistics apply to you.

5. Go Mobile-Friendly

Willie Wonka did you get my email funny pictureWith nearly 50% of all emails opened from smartphones, it is mandatory for your email campaign to be mobile-friendly. This is one of the easiest email marketing techniques to implement, as the majority of email list management and creation solutions have this feature built-in to their solutions.

Just make sure to actually view your emails on mobile devices prior to sending them; don’t assume that your email will have appropriate font sizes, spacing and image proportions on mobile devices just because the program you designed it in produces mobile-friendly emails.

Always test and test again – on various devices.  If your emails are illegible and you send them anyway, you will undoubtedly lose subscribers.

Mastering Email Marketing Techniques

If you are serious about leveraging the most powerful email marketing techniques to dominate your market, then you should consider teaming up with a leading online marketing firm. Email marketing can be potent if done right!

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