Just like a picture can be worth a thousand words, a professionally designed website can be worth thousands of dollars in profit. Every website should reflect a company’s qualities and branding to maintain a consistent message. Additionally, there are some basic rules that should be followed to get the best results:

  1. ClutterWe’ve all seen websites that have too much information and calls-to-action stuffed onto every page. These dysfunctional layouts aren’t clean and there is no logical flow to any of the elements on the pages; there is no clear direction or objective.  Often, visitors don’t know where to start, become confused, overwhelmed and then move onto another website where they can easily find what they’re looking for.
  2. NavigationLike a road map, the navigation of a website should be the visitor’s best friend. When used correctly, visitors will easily find what they are searching for and they will be more apt to take the desired action on the site whether that’s buying a product, scheduling an appointment or requesting an estimate. A clean and well organized navigation menu makes the user’s experience more enjoyable.
  3. Easy-to-Read FontsIt can be extremely tempting to use one of those fancy-looking fonts from the font library. However, it’s best to choose more traditional fonts like Arial that have been tried and tested.  These fonts also tend to look better on various devices and screens. The use of patterned backgrounds or placing colored text on black backgrounds can also make the reader’s experience lackluster. If the website’s text is difficult to read, visitors will get frustrated and move on.
  4. Limit the PizzazzThere are plenty of new website trends that involve fancy flashing boxes and animations. However, when visitors arrive at a website, they want to be able to quickly find helpful information about your products and services. If they are too overwhelmed by the different designs then they won’t even notice the information or calls to action and are likely to leave out of frustration.
  5. Time is PreciousVisitors expect your site to load instantly. One fatal mistake many designers make is placing too many large graphics and designs onto websites. Each element increases the time it takes for a website page to load. Visitors who aren’t patient, which is the majority of them, will give up and move on. Plan on only using graphics that are necessary for the topic of a website’s page and save the rest for a portfolio.

At ClickFirst Marketing, we know that your website is the face of your company. We can design and build a professional website that will attract your customers and help you increase revenue.