Do you think your website is perfect? Let’s explore some of the reasons why it might be time to rethink your opinion.

  1. Outdated – Simply put, your website looks outdated. In the seventies, a shiny plaid sportcoat, platform shoes and bell-bottom jeans were the hip and cool things to wear. Today, that outfit wouldn’t be considered professional or trendy. The same principle applies to your website’s design. Your website is the face of your business, which means it’s a part of your brand image; keeping it relevant and current implies that your business is, too.
  2. Growth – When you initially launched your website it was built to suit your business’ goals at that time. Everything functioned smoothly for a year, maybe even two or three. As time has passed, your business has grown in different directions – maybe you’ve added new products, services or resources to your website. This type of growth often requires a new internet marketing strategy and perhaps an entire revamp of your site. What was once a great design leading visitors to your desired goals, has likely become a maze to navigate with unclear objectives.
  3. Loss of Conversions – Have you noticed that you receive less phone calls or leads from your website? You must have a plan in place to persuade your website visitors to interact with your site’s pages thus turning your website visitors into sources of revenue for your business – in internet marketing, this is known as a conversion. Conversions can be defined in many different ways; a website visitor completing a form or making a purchase are good examples. If you see a drop in performance from previous numbers or your numbers are below your competitors or goals, you need to consider a redesign backed by a revitalized strategy.

Reaching out to a third party web designer, like ClickFirst Marketing, can get you an honest unbiased review. ClickFirst Marketing is happy to guide you through deciding if your website needs a redesign and how to implement changes. Give us a call today!